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Areas of the organization: Active citizenship, Asylum, migration and integration, Business, Civil Society Development, Community Development, Disability, Disadvantaged people, Education, Entrepreneurship, Environment, European citizenship, Gender equality, Human Rights, Humanitarian Relief, Innovation, Minorities, Mobility, Non-formal learning, Policy-making, Rural development, Social Innovation, Sports & Recreation, Volunteering
Interested in programmes: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Cohesion Fund (CF), Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, Citizens, Eyuality, Righrs and Values Programme (CERV), Horizon Europe, Programme for Environment and Climate Action (LIFE), Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund
Greece, Thessaloniki

About organisation

PYLON ONE is an established NGO in Thessaloniki, Greece that was created to empower and support individuals, children, youth and adults, mainly regarding the improvement of social and economic life, the promotion of education, culture, the protection and development of the environment, the promotion of sport and well-being, the promotion of volunteerism and solidarity, the self-improvement of society as a whole, and the safeguarding and improvement of social conditions for People with Disabilities and people with fewer opportunities, primarily in Greece but also throughout Europe in general. PYLON ONE collaborates with communities to raise public awareness, improve, and grow, eventually assisting in the creation of a society that values inclusiveness and creativity. Our aim is to improve the world by educating, motivating, and organizing a worldwide community to make a difference.

Experienced in programmes

We have considerable experience with projects funded by different programmes. Here are the names and brief descriptions of the projects we have been involved in:

Project Name: Elevating Youth Voices with Storytelling & Animation
Programme: Erasmus+
Project Description: This project focuses on empowering youth by using storytelling and animation as tools to amplify their voices and express their perspectives on various social issues.

Project Name: Making Youth Voice heard in European Policy-making Processes
Programme: Erasmus+
Project Description: This project aims to ensure that the voices of young people are actively heard and considered in the policymaking processes at the European level.

Project Name: Responsible Food System Youth Game Challenge
Programme: Erasmus+
Project Description: The Responsible Food System Youth Game Challenge seeks to engage youth in designing innovative and responsible approaches to food systems through gamification.

Project Name: DiTRAL – Digital Training Lab for Trainers working with Disabled Athletes
Programme: Erasmus+ / Sport Small-scale Partnerships
Project Description: DiTRAL focuses on establishing a digital training lab to enhance the skills of trainers working with disabled athletes, fostering inclusion and accessibility in sports.

Project Name: EuropeEdges – Democratisation and youth empowerment in the Edges of Europe
Programme: Erasmus+ / European Youth Together
Project Description: EuropeEdges is dedicated to promoting democracy and empowering youth in the peripheral regions of Europe.

Project Name: Modelling Social Independence Skills for Youth
Programme: Erasmus+
Project Description: This project aims to equip young people with essential social independence skills, enabling them to lead self-sufficient and fulfilling lives.

Project Name: Cultural-Innovative Strengthening of young people’s entrepreneurial spirit
Programme: Erasmus+
Project Description: This project aims to nurture young people’s entrepreneurial spirit by incorporating innovative cultural elements into entrepreneurship programs.

Project Name: Placing Youth Engagement at the heart of Environmental Action
Programme: Erasmus+
Project Description: This project focuses on involving youth at the core of environmental action, empowering them to actively contribute to sustainability initiatives.

Project Name: Social Entrepreneurship Tools Upgrading Youth Society / SET-Up
Programme: European Solidarity Corps
Project Description: SET-Up aims to upgrade youth society through social entrepreneurship tools, enabling young people to address social challenges proactively.

Project Name: Youth Entrepreneurial Learning for the Environment of Tomorrow / YELLOW
Programme: European Solidarity Corps
Project Description: YELLOW focuses on youth entrepreneurial learning specifically geared towards environmental sustainability and shaping a better future.

Project Name: ReBOOTCAMP – Real IT Bootcamps for Youth
Programme: Erasmus+
Project Description: ReBOOTCAMP offers real IT bootcamps to empower youth with practical IT skills, enhancing their employability in the digital age.

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Symeonidis Konstantinos

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