Durres (also Durrësi) is an Albanian town of 113 249 inhabitants, the capital of the prefecture of the same name, as well as the third largest city in Albania by number of inhabitants after the capital Tirana and Fier. Founded according to tradition in 626 BC. by Greek colonists, it became one of the main centres of the Adriatic Sea: after having acquired particular importance under Roman rule, to which we owe one of the main symbols of the city, the amphitheatre, which is on the list of candidate sites for the heritage of the humanity, the city was ruled by the Byzantines, only to be often the object of raids by Bulgarians and Ostrogoths. In the thirteenth century the city was disputed between Venice and Constantinople, then driven out by the Normans and finally by the Angevins, who strengthened the Durazzo defences. After Ottoman rule, which lasted about four centuries, Durres became the capital of the principality of Albania, playing a fundamental role in the various stages of the evolution of the modern Republic of Albania. Equipped with the most important Albanian port on the Adriatic, Durres is one of the main economic centres of the country as well as a renowned seaside and tourist resort. Durres rises on an alluvial plain and is washed by the Adriatic Sea in front of the Italian ports of Bari- Italy (300 km away) and Brindisi – Italy (200 km away). As the crow flies, it is 31 km from Tirana (The capital of Albania), 83 km from Shkodra, 95 km from Vlora and 165 km from Saranda.

More about Durres: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MZSBydTExw