Sopotniki (Cotravellers), Slovenija

July 12, 2023

Municipality of Litija and Municipality of Šmartno pri Litiji are included in the project of free transport for the elderly – Sopotniki (Cotravellers). The purpose of the joint project of the two municipalities and the Sopotniki Institute is to, through intergenerational solidarity, prevent the state of isolation and loneliness of elderly people from small remote villages, who almost never leave their homes due to remoteness, lack of transport means or poor traffic connections.

The free transport service enables the elderly to attend cultural events, visit friends, go to the doctor or shopping. The rides are carried out by volunteers who want to volunteer some of their time for intergenerational cooperation and bonding. 15 volunteers from both municipalities provide free transport to more than 320 users – senior citizens of both municipalities, thus easing their hardships and making their lives better. We enable our fellow travellers to lead an active, involved and high-quality life for the elderly in such a way that they feel included and wanted by society. We create social connections and pleasant experiences for the elderly. The service did not stop during the Covid-19 epidemic, as more people needed help.  At that time volunteers also delivered hot meals to students doing distance learning.

Photo: Sopotniki Litija in Šmartno pri Litiji archive