DU Motion, Croatia

DU Motion, a sports event comprised of 4 different races (Dubrovnik Half Marathon, 5K Charity Race, Run The Wall and Kids’ Race) aims to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle, all within Dubrovnik, UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

About DU Motion

This somewhat bold idea was born in 2015. Thanks to the dedication, enthusiasm and joint efforts of the Dubrovnik Sports Federation, The City of Dubrovnik and The Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Dubrovnik’s Half Marathon became “more than a race”. Over a concise period, it has transformed into a full-fledged international multi-day sports and recreational event with as many as four races – Dubrovnik Half Marathon, 5K Charity Race, Run The Wall and Kids’ Race. The event includes accompanying events such as Du Motion Runners’ Corner – a gathering place for runners and exhibitors – and Du Motion Chat – a series of talks by prominent lecturers from the world of running.

Every year, hundreds of volunteers invest unselfish effort and huge enthusiasm, helping the organization of Du Motion. Each race’s success depends on the positive energy of these young Dubrovnikers. One can meet them throughout the city, at all the stages of races, always close, always prepared to help. They readily give water to every runner and warn them of slippery stones. They cheerfully root and pull for runners before and during the steep ascents and decisively encourage them during the race’s most challenging moments. And every time, they reward runners with their recognizable huge smiles. So far they have supported 10500 runners from 63 countries.

The event director is a world-known ex-professional sportist with a degree in Sports Management that surely adds to the organisation’s potential and visibility of DU_MOTION

Duration of the Good practice

2015 – ongoing

The main institution in charge

Dubrovnik Sports Association

Alen Bošković, General Secretary

T::+385 98 980 42 30

E: alen.boskovic@du-motion.com

W: https://du-motion.com

The geographical scope of the Good practice


Location of the Good practice

Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia

Resources needed

Roughly 90.000 €. The funding for the implementation of this event comes mostly from the budget of the City of Dubrovnik and is co-financed from Erasmus+ for sports program and entry fees, commercials/ sponsorships.

Evidence of Success

In the city where volunteering is below average (4% in Croatia and less than 3% in Dubrovnik) every year hundreds of young people join with their peers from other marathons, exchange knowledge and experiences and are eager to be a part of this event. At the same time, they are also learning how to communicate, be a part of a well-organized team and support the runners … This event by far is the most numerous in the aspect of mobilising youth to volunteer.

Challenges encountered

The organization of sports competitions requires a large number of volunteers who are a key part of any successful sports event. Although sports can mobilize more volunteers than any other sector, the challenge is when and where to involve volunteers in the organization of competitions. Also, the experience of the partner countries involved in the project shows that they often do not have enough qualified volunteers who could meet the demanding needs of organizing sports events, and that is why this informal form of education is very important.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice can be very well transformed into different cities. If you combine sports events with goals that are in alignment with your community goals (bring more tourists into your city, prevent public –health problems by promoting sports or recreation within the local community, include young people in volunteering and enhance their knowledge skills and competencies as well as social cohesion) you can partner up with many different actors and create sports events with quality volunteering options. In order to do so, besides rules of good management in general, the education of volunteers is very important. That is why DU_MOTION has developed a handbook with organisational steps with a special focus on many different volunteer positions.

How to start?


To successfully implement a multi-day event on such a scale roughly 90.000 € is needed. The Dubrovnik Sports Association receives funding from the Municipality of Dubrovnik and in part from entry fees, commercials and sponsorships as well as from international funding tenders such as Erasmus+ for Sport Programme.


Dubrovnik Sports Association has partnered with the City of Dubrovnik. Tourist Board, Croatian Olympic Committee, Valamar, Association of International Marathons and Distant Races, Monterey Bay Half Marathon.

When transferring Good practice you should look to partner with:

  • the host city
  • Tourist boards
  • National Olimpyc Committee
  • Associations and other organisations from the field

Volunteer training

In order to successfully implement such an event, besides rules of good management in general, the education of volunteers is very important. DU_MOTION has developed a handbook with organisational steps with a special focus on many different volunteer positions. The handbook is available at request.

Regarding the type of event, some parts can differ but in general, according to DU_MOTION handbook, training is divided into different areas of sports event

Event Management

• Organizing Committee

• Administration office (Translations, Volunteer coordination)

• Financial Department

• Marketing & Communications

Logistic Services

• Media & PR

• Graphic Design

• Press Centre

• Ceremonies

• Protocol

• Accommodation & Transportation

• Cultural Events, Entertainment, Social Events

• Health protection & Doping

• Ticket Sales & Accreditations

Venue Management

• Public Spaces

• Parking and Seating

• Exhibitions/sales point, Catering area

• Toilets and Utilities (power, gas, water…)

• Participants & Organizers Spaces

• Sport facilities (and all corresponding areas; warm up, ready, medical…)

• Media services, TV commentators and translators, Mix zones

• Registration, Sale points and merchandising, Dressing rooms, Meeting rooms

• Accessibility – Competitors, Spectators (for people with disabilities)

Organization of Competition

• Competition Management

• Competition office (registrations)

• Technical committee (delegates, anti-doping…)

• Referees/judges/starter

• Measurements/results

• Info desk

• Refreshments/meal coordination

• Field of Play

• Equipment

• Warm up area/ready area

• Security

• Maintenance

• Other services

• TV commentators and translators

• Ceremonies

• Announcements

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