Operation Teddy Bear, Bulgaria

August 3, 2023

Association “Operation Teddy Bear” leads the largest annual charity Christmas campaign in Bulgaria for adults, children, and young people deprived of parental care, with disabilities, institutionalized, at risk, and from socially disadvantaged families. The activities of the Association are carried out entirely by volunteers from all over the country, numbering more than 250 to the present moment. During the Christmas campaign itself, which has been held every year for 10 years now, nearly 94,000 gifts have been donated to children placed in 500+ social institutions in Bulgaria. Due to the tireless work of all the volunteers, more than 30,000 donators have joined the campaign. Every year, owing to the donators, more than 500 institutions receive personal gifts for all their users, depending on their preferences, as well as donations in the form of food, electrical equipment, equipment and furniture for the institutions, specialized equipment, training materials, materials and tools for various art therapies and physiotherapy, hygiene supplies, bed linen, and everything else necessary for the normal functioning of an institution to be able to provide the necessary care for its users. During Covid-19 the campaign was carried out but with great restrictions and we were forbidden to visit the institutions.

Photo: Association Euni Partners Archive