Slobodan Filipovič, recipient of the title Volunteer of the Zasavska region 2023 from Hrastnik, Slovenia

July 13, 2023

Homes for the elderly were closed during the epidemic due to a large number of infections, mortality among residents, lack of staff, equipment, etc. very much under attack. In 2020, Slobodan Filipovič and his group Veter organized a petition for the construction of a new home for the elderly in Hrastnik. On his initiative, the collected signatures (3161) were handed over to the minister in the hope that this would speed up the construction of the home. In the following, he organized a charity concert for the Home for the Elderly in Hrastnik in October 2021. The entrance fee was fully allocated and donated to the Home for the Elderly for protective equipment for the home’s staff.

Photo: Slobodan Filipović, personal archive