Trbovlje-mesto volunteer fire brigade, recipients of the title Volunteer organization of the Zasavska region 2020

July 13, 2023

Around 150 members are included in the association, who completed over 30,000 volunteer hours in 2020. As part of their activities, they perform protection and rescue tasks as well as fire prevention. The association was especially active during the COVID-19 epidemic, as members of the association, together with RK Trbovlje, transported food for the elderly and socially vulnerable, delivered test samples to Ljubljana daily, disinfected the entry point for testing, homes of elderly citizens in the municipality of Trbovlje, Hrastnik and Prebold, other medical institutions (Community Health Centre Trbovlje, General Hospital Trbovlje), public institutes and companies from the region and provided logistical support to the operation of the Civil Protection headquarters of Trbovlje municipality.

Photo: Trbovlje-mesto Volunteer Fire Brigade archive