Solis Tuvak

June 19, 2023
Category: Consortium
NGO “Solis Tuvāk” was founded in November 2009. In 2010 “Solis Tuvāk” received the status of public benefit. The organization was established by 11 private persons sharing the common idea about doing education and culture projects, developing social society in Kekava municipality, and charity.
The organization works closely with Kekava municipality and has signed a cooperation agreement. Between founders, there are persons with financial, law and project management skills which they use for free to reach organization targets. The organization is working hard developing projects in order to get finance for project ideas. NGO “Solis Tuvāk” are members of LAPAS, LPIA, “Daugavkrasts” and “Kekavas novada fonds”. As a partner NGO “Solis Tuvāk” participates in programs “Europe for citizens” and “Erasmus+” projects, organized youth exchange projects, organized volunteer work, etc.