Shoqata “Udhëtim i Lirë”

June 19, 2023
Category: Consortium

The association “UDHETIM I LIRE- LIBERI DI VIAGGIARE” was founded in 2015 with the purpose to develop and manage tourism, eco – bio – tourism, preservation of cultural and natural heritage, material and non-material, and wider focus on regional development in the above mentioned and bilateral areas. This mission of the association is realized through: Advocacy, Research, Exchange of Experiences and Information, Partnership and Networking, and Lobbying. It is a member of different national and international networks ALDA, ALF Foundation, URI, PAR Administration, URI, National Youth Congress, SKILLMAN, PRISMA Network, etc. The main activities have been in the field of tourism development and promotion of Durres’ cultural and archaeological heritage. Also protection of the environment and youth empowerment through activities and training to raise their employment capacities. The activities have been organized in the Multifunctional Youth Centre that Municipality Council offered our association to help the youths of the city. UiL – LdV has MoU with some Municipalities, Durres Region, and different institutions and NGOs. During these seven years of existence, it has implemented 9 projects with different donors in Albania, UNDP, Embassy, Ministries, etc. Partner in 10 Erasmus + projects. Partner in 7 projects from different donors such as Bacid, Visegrad Fund, Europe for Citizen, etc. Lead partner in a project of the Anna Lindh Foundation. External Expert for 2 Interreg 3 projects and 1 COSME project.

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