Free transport to work, Slovenia

July 13, 2023

During the spring 2020 closure of public transport, volunteers of the Slovenian Philanthropy helped the Ljubljana Vič-Rudnik Home for Senior Citizens. At that time, 57 volunteers performed a total of 1124 transports in 41 consecutive days and thus helped the home to ensure the uninterrupted work of 42 employees. When public transport stopped again in November 2020, two more homes asked for help: the Bežigrad Senior Citizens’ Home and DEOSS, the Notranje Gorice unit and UKC Ljubljana. During this time, the volunteers mainly performed intercity transport. Slovenian Philanthropy also acted as a reception point for all transportation needs and coordinated transportation with other providers. 79 volunteers travelled at least 60,000 km in 1,223 hours, only 2 transports were delayed, and no infections were recorded.

Photo: Slovenian Philanthropy archive