Santa Claus for a day, Slovenia

July 13, 2023

Santa for a Day is a non-profit project run entirely by volunteers. Behind the project stands Zavod 364 and a group of individuals who, out of the desire to create good in the world, lead the project and participate in it at all levels. The beginnings of the campaign date back to 2012, when the initiators gave gifts to 225 children right from their living room and the trunk of their car. Over the years, the campaign has grown and over the years volunteers have prepared, collected and distributed more than 90,000 gifts. The Red Cross of Slovenia – Trbovlje regional association – is also participating in the campaign by preparing lists of recipients and distributing gifts. In the time of Covid-19, they adapted to the situation and distributed gifts a little differently than in the past. At the agreed time, the recipients collected the gift in the parking lot in front of the building.

Photo: OZRK Trbovlje archive