June 19, 2023
Category: Consortium
SERDA.BA – Sarajevska regionalna razvojna agencija – In an effort to overcome many social problems that Bosnia and Herzegovina faced in the post-war period, Local Communities, with the support of the International Community, launched an initiative to recover and stimulate economic development. SERDA – Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency was established in 2001. first as the “Sarajevo Economic Region” (SER) Office for Coordination and Monitoring of the implementation of the projects. The Office, which was established in 2001, represented the administrative and legal framework for the implementation of initial activities on the implementation of the concept of economic reintegration and development of the SER. In May 2003, the SER Office grew into the Sarajevo Regional Development Agency (SERDA) as we know it today. SERDA is essentially a non-profit organization that is funded by the public, private and non-governmental sectors to contribute to overall economic development.
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